Our company mascot - Jake!

Our company mascot - Jake!

Ben Hoffman - Founder, Director of Photography, Photographer

A lifetime image creator in a number of disciplines, Ben brings a wealth of experience, creativity, and knowledge to all of our projects. If not surrounded by cameras and computer robots, you’ll probably find him playing tug-a-war with company mascot (and family dog) Jake.

The exemplary team at Square Productions makes our our high quality standard possible

Ben is at the center of Square Productions but he gets a lot of help from his friends! From production coordination, client interaction, storyboarding, monster lighting setups and motion graphics, there is a fiercely dedicated team of professionals that skillfully work their magic here at SP. Depending on the job you might also meet Cecily, Dusty, Steve, and Chris.

Cecily Conine - Producer

If Ben is at the center of Square Productions, Cecily his producer and client liaison, coordinates all the key players - keeping the planets in their heavenly orbits.  Cecily provides business growth & management strategy, PR, CRM, principled branding and social media packages that finish out the details needed for success.  When creating the scope of a project and gauging the possible ROI on advertising dollars, Cecily serves as the client ally.  

Dusty Sanders - Makeup & Hair

Dusty makes sure that everyone looks good. Literally. As a professional make-up artist, the detail she adds to our production team is perhaps the most important detail of all. She makes sure our clients always look their best.

Steve Matthews - Lighting & Camera Assistant

As lighting and camera assistant Steve is the nuts and bolts man who helps Ben light and film our productions.

Chris Daniel - Editor

Chris, our in-house editor and general production rounder, keeps the cuts coming.  Whether initiating a new series of videos, or re-working our clients previous shoots into bite-size social media exposure, Chris is our editing Jedi.
Jake - Mascot

Looking for some extra smiles while you work with us? Let us bring Jake; Guaranteed results folks.