We understand the ball is in our court. Square Productions donates 3% of every job to NPO’s that are working tirelessly to improve our planet. Regular contributions are made to the following organizations:

  • NRDC




  • FREEKIBBLE.COM - This is actually a free website that we’re very passionate about! Started by 11-year old Mimi Ausland in 2008, Freekibble has donated over 18 million meals to homeless dogs and cats in shelters and food banks across the country. Answer a few, fun, animal focused trivia questions, and you help feed our four-legged friends. They also donate cat litter by the truckload. We click everyday and so should you!

Closer to home, Square Productions CEO Ben Hoffman has lead photography workshops for the Boys & Girls Club and CoachArt. He is a photography mentor for children with special needs. Cecily Conine, COO, leads a Girl Scout troop and has built houses in the Philippines with Habitat for Humanity.