We understand the ball is in our court. Square Productions donates 3% of every job to NPO’s that are working tirelessly to improve our planet. Regular contributions are made to the following organizations:

  • NRDC




  • FREEKIBBLE.COM - This is actually a free website that we’re very passionate about! Started by 11-year old Mimi Ausland in 2008, Freekibble has donated over 18 million meals to homeless dogs and cats in shelters and food banks across the country. Answer a few, fun, animal focused trivia questions, and you help feed our four-legged friends. They also donate cat litter by the truckload. We click everyday and so should you!

Square Productions CEO Ben Hoffman has lead photography workshops for the Boys & Girls Club and CoachArt. He is a photography mentor for children with special needs. Cecily Conine, COO, leads a Girl Scout troop with STEM focused community outreach projects. Her scouts are earning their bronze award by using solar power to create a new digital marquee for their school.