Child and Youth Finance International

We were contacted by CYFI in the Netherlands to create the opening video for their 2019 Child & Youth Finance International Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

CYFI works to reshape financial systems in order to economically and socially empower children and youth worldwide. We are a global non-profit organization that works with partners in over 170 countries.

This was to be a send-off of sorts; “The Movement” has been so successful that CYFI is stepping back and allowing the organizations and policies they’ve helped to implement continue flourishing on their own.

The numbers and impact are incredible:

  • 170 countries

  • 32 million children and youth and counting

  • 80 countries took steps towards creating policies for Economic Citizenship

  • 24,000 organizations created

Supplied with eight years of video and photographs from all over the world, and in an incredible array of formats, we began working and refining to create a cohesive video. With so much material needing to be included (the video is 4:34) we helped guide the piece by writing and recording the accompanying voice over. The final piece is a visual thank you to the many sponsors and world leaders who have participated. It is also a celebration of everyone who has been positively affected by this remarkable organization.  

It was an honor to work with CYFI and donate our time to create the video.