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It would not be an overstatement to say that Betsy Fields is one of the biggest names in the hardware design world. Enter her name in Google and one is greeted with 13.5 MILLION results. She has started and lead multiple companies to exponential success. We are excited to be the primary content creators for her newest endeavor, Lineage Botanica. Images integrating the brand’s two foci: textiles and apothecary will be used for her online storefront, setting the tone for the narrative based B-Corporation and its products.

“I am a seasoned veteran from the design industry, used to having a stellar team of 20 plus experts in their respective fields at my fingertips. Working with Square Productions assures me that being independent again and working with other creatives is not going to be a stretch in regards to high quality output and professionalism. Ben is a dream, efficient, knows his craft, and respects my point of view. As a woman in a typically male dominant field this is paramount to my creative efforts manifesting.”

Betsy Fields

CEO - Lineage Botanica