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Diving into the cell phone market is a pretty big deal. Wireless65 needed a web-based commercial that would have the same look and polish as anything you'd see on traditional television. Provided with a basic script we went to work creating storyboards, casting and hiring a spokeswoman as well as actors. We built sets, bought the wardrobe, completed the shoot and edited the final piece. We also created custom motion graphics and animated the Wireless65 logo.

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Cayenne does something really extraordinary. For every ten 3D printers they sell Cayenne donates a printer and support for one year to a school or organization in need. With that in mind we set out to create a fun, informative, highly energetic launch commercial for the new company.

In the midst of the shoot we also created their tagline ‘INSPIRE. CREATE. COMMUNITY.’ which was quickly implemented into their logo! We’re happy to say that Cayenne has already donated a number of printers, as they continue to expand their vision to keep up with demand.



An exciting commercial highlighting the Audio RS5. This piece was created for a PR company as part of a larger online sales and marketing package. Tasked with creating a viral piece Square Productions went to work scouting locations and hiring actors. We also utilized some very trick equipment for the shoot. To capture the driving shots, we mounted a remote control stabilizer arm in the back of a vehicle, and communicated with the Audi's precision driver by walkie talkie. Fantastic editing and expert sound design by our team finished out the spot.