Video Production

Production. Sounds big right? At the highest level there is a lot that goes into making a film or a commercial. Square knows just how much because we actually work in the film business. We also have a great passion for working on projects with businesses just like yours; bringing that same level of dedication and skill to people who appreciate great filmmaking. People who want that same level of quality for their own business. That's the Square difference. We're not kids with cameras. We're working professionals who know how to create just the right content that will get you noticed, increase your web traffic, and grow your customer base. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you grow your business.



(Inspire. Create. Community. The companies tag line was also created by Square Productions!)

Founded by Adam Reichental, Cayenne is a new company with an altruistic heart. For every ten printers Cayenne sells, they donate a printer to a school that otherwise couldn’t afford one. In addition, they’ll supply a year’s worth of filament (the stuff the prints are made of). They also include course materials so that teachers have what they need to teach their students about this exciting technology.

This commercial was one whose concept and style came to me almost as fast as I could read the ad copy! Within twenty minutes of reading the copy, and speaking with Adam, we had 90% of the commercial completely storyboarded.

Somewhat ambitious in scope we shot the entire piece over two days in Ojai and Las Vegas. Tasked with creating the commercial top to bottom (minus the ad copy) Square handled all aspects of production including; filming, casting, locations, releases, and all post production. We also created the companies tag line! Inspire. Create. Community. was quickly integrated into Cayenne’s existing logo. Another example of how the Square team brings a little bit more to every project we do.   


3D Systems is the largest manufacturer of 3D printers in the world, and are truly leading the charge into this exciting world. 3D printing remains a relatively new technology to many people and businesses. Because of that 3DS has people on staff that are more or less, 3D printing evangelists. Their job is to create previously unimagined products that can be printed using their machines. Cool job right?! One such project is "The Lounger". A one off chair of sorts, it's complexity is stunning. With its creation 3DS wanted to use it as the focal point in a long form spot showcasing the Lounger, the printer and software that created it, and to speak more broadly to the many applications 3D printing can be used for. 

Shooting at's think tank/studio in Hollywood, CA (he has a gigantic building where creatives invent products that are good for the planet, often using 3D printing) over two days we filmed the lounger like the rockstar it is, interviewed it's creator, and using camera tricks and editing techniques produced a web-centric long form piece that generated a lot of buzz and excitement for our client.

Coffee Connection - Ojai, CA

Coffee Connection is one of our favorite places in Ojai. With the opening of their second shop, owner's John and Brenna wanted both a commercial, and Instagram spots to help promote their business. Theirs is not the typical place to get your coffee in the morning. They have built a business that is as much about community, as it is picking up a cup of joe in the morning. With much of our background in documentary filmmaking, right away we knew the best way to showcase what makes them different was to create their own mini documentary. Using a combination of interviews, and lifestyle imagery, both in and out of the shop, we created the perfect one minute documentary style commercial for their business. 

In conjunction with the commercial we also created three Instagram spots. Using footage from our shoot, exciting music, and motion graphics, the three Instagram spots are a perfect compliment to their new online media campaign. Please scroll down to see the all of the media we created for this wonderful family owned business.


Instagram Spots 


Wireless 65 needed a commercial that they could use to launch their business. Their pricing plans are literally part of their name; $65 dollars a month is the flat fee that all of their customers pay. Diving into the cell phone market is a pretty big deal and they wanted a web-based commercial that would have the same look and polish as anything you'd see on television. Calling on Square we jumped into action; Provided with a basic script we went to work creating storyboards, casting and hiring a spokeswoman and actors, built sets, bought the wardrobe, hired extra crew to film the spot, and edited the final piece. We also created custom motion graphics and animated the Wireless65 logo. In the end we produced a commercial that truly helped drive sales to this new company.


SPEAKER REEL - Kristin grayce mcgary

People who are expert in their field often use conferences or speaker events to build their brand. To secure those speaking engagements they are asked to submit a Speaker Reel to conference promoters.

In the fall of 2017 Ben had an extremely successful photography shoot with Kristin. The resulting images have become the core of her branding assets. In May of 2018 Kristin needed a Speaker Reel and returned to Square to create the piece. 

My immediate question was this; what does a speaker reel look like? After researching it quickly became apparent that they are often well, pretty bland; typically, a collection of speaking shots and maybe a few B-roll images. With my experience in documentary filmmaking, and above all the idea that everything has a story, I set out to do something a little different.

Instead of the tried and true I created a beautiful piece with the following elements

  • Evocative interviews with Kristin that tie directly with her talks

  • Beautiful lifestyle imagery of Kristin demonstrating her state of being

  • Personal interactions with conference attendees

  • Highlights from her PowerPoint deck

  • Coverage of other high-profile speakers at the event showcasing the company in which she spoke

  • Footage of her talks

By combining the listed elements, I was able to produce a highly polished piece. Going beyond the typical talking-head piece Square has created a video which shines a light on who she is, both as a teacher and as a person. It also provides evidence of her strong placement at an outstanding event where her connection with the audience is genuinely felt.  

10 - Mile Radius

Cat Gwynn is a remarkable photographer and an awesome human being. She is also a cancer survivor. Not one to take things lying down, during her treatment and recovery she set out to create a collection of photographs. Unable to stray too far from her home, she photographed what she found around her; in a 10 - mile radius. She also wrote about her experiences, both as they related to the photographs, and how she changed in the process. We are happy to report that today Cat is cancer free, and that her photographs and writings have been turned into a book. To help promote it's release we created a book "trailer"; a method of promoting online sales that is becoming more and more popular with publishers.

In addition to traditional cameras we also filmed with a drone; a powerful tool in capturing the heart and soul of this worthwhile book. The finished piece was instrumental in driving online sales.

AUDI RS5 Commercial 

An exciting commercial highlighting the Audio RS5. This piece was created for a PR company as part of a larger online sales and marketing package. Tasked with creating a viral piece Square went to work scouting locations and hiring actors. We also utilized some very trick equipment for the shoot. To capture the driving shots we mounted a remote control stabilizer arm in the back of a vehicle, and communicated with the Audi's precision driver by walkie talkie. Fantastic editing and expert sound design by our team finished out the spot.

Thomas Fire Damages - Ojai, CA

Whether you live in the region or not, everyone is aware of California's massive Thomas Fire. In addition to wilderness areas, many homes and properties were also lost. The cause of the fire is one that is currently being fought in court. To introduce emotion and humanness to the proceedings, one of the law firms involved asked us to create a video highlighting the property damage for one of their clients. This is where the drone becomes an invaluable tool; at over 24 acres, and comprised of scorched homes and impassable wilderness, it would have been impossible to capture the magnitude of the destruction using traditional filming methods.  In addition to expert drone work we complemented the piece using photographs, music, and sound design. The result is kind of video document. It is both informative and emotional. It is also an exciting new tool for lawyers, and anyone in need of video that can only be captured from the sky above us.