Biopic videos

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3DSystems is the largest manufacturer of 3D printers in the world. With over 300 companies under their umbrella they are truly leading the charge their industry. Shooting at's think tank/studio in Hollywood, CA, over two days, we filmed a cutting edge story showcasing their technology, proprietary scope and artistic partnership with Janne Kyttanen.

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Coffee Connection is not the typical place to get your coffee in the morning. They have built a business that is as much about community, as it is about values like fair trade and organic certification. The best way to showcase their niche was to create a doc-style commercial. Using a combination of interviews and lifestyle imagery, both in and out of the shop, we created the perfect calling card for differentiating them from their competitors.


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Cat Gwynn is a remarkable photographer and author. She is also a cancer survivor. Not one to take things lying down, during her treatment and recovery she set out to create a collection of photographs. Unable to stray too far from her home, she photographed what she found around her in a 10 mile radius. She wrote about her experiences, both as they related to the photographs, and how she changed in the process. We are happy to report that today Cat is cancer free, and that her book is wildly successful. During the promotional push launching the book, we were hired to created a “book trailer”- a method of motivating online sales popular with publishers. In addition to using traditional cameras we also filmed with a drone; a powerful tool in capturing the heart and soul of this worthwhile book. The finished piece was instrumental in driving online sales.