3D Systems is the largest manufacturer of 3D printers in the world. With over 300 companies under their umbrella they are truly leading the charge their industry. Because 3-D printing remains a relatively new technology to the public, 3DS showcases futuristic capability. Meet ‘The Lounger’; it’s a sculptural chair with stunning complexity integrated into the design. 3DS wanted ‘The Lounger’ to serve as the focal point story in a long form spot showcasing the famous designer Janne Kyttanen, the cutting-edge printer and the amazing software behind the scenes.

Shooting at will.i.am's think tank/studio in Hollywood, CA (he has a gigantic building where creatives invent products that are good for the planet, often using 3D printing) over two days we filmed the lounger like the rockstar it is, interviewed its creator, and using camera tricks and editing techniques produced a web-centric long form piece that generated a lot of buzz and excitement for our client.